Members of the Colorado Springs Automobile Dealers Association represent 100% of the franchised new car and truck dealers in the community. The association’s incorporation in 1980 as a 501(c)(6) organization gave an official arrangement to an informal relationship that had existed for many years that addressed the needs and interests of local dealers.

Throughout the years, the association’s purposes and functions have become:

1. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of mutually constructive and beneficial ideas among and between its members.

2. To arrange periodic meetings of the members to discuss matters of common concern and in the interest of fellowship among members

3. To develop good relationships on behalf of the entire dealer body with governmental and regulatory officials whose actions affect the businesses and interests of the members

4. To foster cooperative industry relationships that will benefit the public, dealers, and related groups.

5. To provide a central office and spokesperson to act as liaison between the Association and the public and media.

6. To promote sound public relations on behalf of Association members and broaden public understanding of franchised auto dealers’ roles in the economy and the community

7. To support constructive efforts for the improvement of highways and highway safety.

8. To cooperate with the state and national dealer associations

9. To promote sound business and ethical practices

10. To carry out the collective wishes of the membership in regard to charitable contributions and community projects. (CSADA is not a philanthropic organization and does not, therefore, usually make charitable contributions.)

11. To arrange and promote special activities (shows, sales, etc.) for the benefit of the Association and its members.