If I were to comment would other people be able to see my information or photos?

You can change your settings in facebook so no one sees anything other than your name and profile picture.

To update your photos/posts so they are not public.

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  • Log into Facebook
  • See the arrow under the Home button on the right. Select Privacy Settings.
  • Then in the middle of the screen choose Friends.
  • That will only affect future posts to change all your past posts (posts include photos) select the “Manage Visibility.”

To update your profile so no one can see your home town or your interests

Photo #1

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Photo #2

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  • Log into Facebook
  • Click on your name in the upper right. Photo #1
  • Then click on “Edit Profile.” Photo #1
  • Notice the list on the left. This is all the information about yourself that you can fill out.
  • Next to each item is a small icon that looks like the earth. This is where you change the visibilty of each item. Photo #2