Wildland Urban Interface in El Paso and Teller counties

The wildland urban interface is where wildland and residential areas intersect and can include forest or grasslands. Because of that intersection, homes near these areas may be more at-risk for wildfires. Areas in the WUI where there is a higher density of homes may be even more at-risk.

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  • Less than 1 home per 40 acres
  • 1 home per 20 to 40 acres
  • 1 home per 10 to 20 acres
  • 1 home per 5 to 10 acres
  • 1 home per 2 to 5 acres
  • 1 home per 2 to 3 acres
  • More than 3 homes per acre

Note: Density in the WUI is just one risk factor for wildfires. Many other risk factors, including weather conditions and how well your home is mitigated may contibute to wildfire risk.

-- WUI data provided by the Colorado State Forest Service