Candidate Information

Occupation: Retired

Age: 66

Education: High School Some college

Endorsements: Brian Risley,Principal Architect for Christiansen, Reece and Partners, P.C. Jeri Howells, Fountain Mayor

Experience: Veteran-US Marine Corps Served as Director and Vice President of Fountain/Fort Carson Distict 8 School Board

Contact Information


Phone: (719) 382-8744




Don Grubbs

Race / District Information

City Fountain
Term / Board Seat
# of Available Seats 1

Why are you running for office?

Fountain needs new leadership that can work together to bring representation to the citizens. I feel that I can help bring that to the City Council.

What are the major challenges facing your city and in what order of priority?

1)Public Safety concerns: the Fire Department ballot measure 2B passing would help this need. More concerns will have to be addressed if this does not pass. 2)Revitalizing Fountain's downtown area is a must. We need to find ways to bring new growth to downtown that will support existing business in that area.

Do you support the sale of recreational marijuana in your city?


The Gazette Voter Guide is a chance for candidates to use their own words to tell voters in El Paso and Teller counties about themselves. The candidates answered questions relating to their biographical information as well as issues facing their school districts and cities. Answers have not been edited by Gazette staff.

For the guide, the Gazette reached out to every candidate running for political office for the Nov. 5 El Paso County and Teller County elections. Most, but not all, candidates chose to participate.