1C and 1D- Pioneer Village Roads Public Improvement Project


Shall El Paso County Pioneer Village Roads public improvement district taxes be increased in an amount up to $30,000 annually in 2014 and each year thereafter by whatever additional amounts may be raised, based upon assessment, such taxes to be assessed only if formation of the district is approved by the voters, to pay for the cost of public improvement maintenance and upgrading performed by the district, the district’s administration and operations, and other similar expenses as may be authorized by law, from the imposition of ad valorem property taxes levied in any fiscal year, at a rate not to exceed 21.000 mills (provided that such maximum mill levy shall be adjusted up or down to account for changes in law or the method by which assessed valuation is calculated after 2013, so that to the extent possible, the actual tax revenues generated by the mill levy, as adjusted, are neither diminished nor enhanced as a result of such changes), and shall the proceeds of such taxes and any investment income thereon (regardless of amount) be collected, retained and spent by the district in fiscal year 2014 and in each fiscal year thereafter as a voter-approved revenue change without regard to any spending, revenue-raising or other limitation contained within Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution, the limits imposed on increases in property taxation by Section 29-1-301, C.R.S. in any year, or any other law which purports to limit the district’s revenues or expenditures as it currently exists or as it may be amended in the future, and without limiting in any year the amount of other revenues that may be collected, retained and spent by the district?


This ballot question asks residents of Pioneer Village whether they’re willing to pay property taxes to help maintain the roads in their subdivision. The roads in the area are privately-owned so the $30,000 a year raised by this measure would maintain them. Supporters say the cost would be about $30 a year per family.


Shall the El Paso County Pioneer Village Roads Public Improvement District be organized pursuant to Section 30-20-501, et seq., Colorado Revised Statutes, for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading roads within the boundaries of the proposed district, which boundaries are set forth as follows:

All of the following subdivisions on file with the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office:

  • Pioneer Village Filing #1
  • Pioneer Village Filing #2
  • Pioneer Village Filing #3


This ballot measure would establish the Pioneer Village Roads Public Improvement District which would collect taxes in order to maintain the roads in the Pioneer Village Subdivision.