2B – City of Fountain Emergency Services


Shall City of Fountain property taxes be increased up to nine hundred fifty thousand dollars ($950,000) (first full fiscal year dollar increase) annually and by whatever amounts are raised annually thereafter by levying an ad valorem mill levy rate increase of five (5) mills on all taxable property within the city of fountain in 2013 for collection in 2014 to be used solely to pay for fire protection, emergency response and ambulance service for the safety of the residents, property owners and businesses of the city of fountain and to hire full time firefighters and paramedics to ensure daily staffing of two firefighters per fire station and to assure two ambulances are staffed and the acquiring, construction, equipping and full time staffing of a fire station and to maintain that station and to maintain and replace equipment and vehicles as needed to ensure the safety of the community, and shall tax revenues generated from this property tax authorized herein and the earnings from the investment of the revenues from such tax constitute a permanent voter approved revenue change and an exception to the limits of Article x, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution or any other law?


Fountain Fire Chief Darin Anstine said ballot measure 2B would allow his department to keep up with the city’s growth. According to Anstine, Fountain has grown by almost 75 percent since 2001, and the fire department has not grown a bit. Fountain FD has not hired any additional firefighters since 2001 and has just six full-time firefighters and one full-time paramedic on duty per day to respond to the entire city. The chief said that as the population has grown, emergency response times have gotten longer also.

If 2B passes, Fountain fire department would receive the money to add additional staffing to ensure each station has two firefighters each day. The city is asking for an increase in property taxes of $950,000 for 2014 and “whatever amounts are raised annually thereafter.” The increase would also allow the fire department additional paramedics to staff two full-time ambulances and replacement of a 15-year-old fire engine and 13-year-old ambulance. Some of the money would also go to build a fire station in the eastern part of Fountain, Anstine said.