2D – City of Fountain Smart Meters

Shall Section 12.6 (a) the Home Rule Charter of the City of Fountain, Colorado be amended by the addition of the underlined language to read as follows:

β€œThe Council shall have all municipal powers relating to all utilities and franchises including, but without limitation to, all powers and authority now existing and which maybe hereafter provided by the Constitution or Statutes of the State of Colorado, or by ordinance, or by this Charter. The rights of the City to construct, purchase, or condemn any public or private utility work or way shall not be abridged, except the right to use, or allow installation of smart meter technology with wired or wireless communication which possesses any capability to monitor, control, record time of day usage, history, or hold any information other than the amount of energy consumed by any consumer in one billing cycle solely for the sake of billing, is prohibited. Individual information heretofore gathered shall not be made available, sold or used except for billing. Except as otherwise required by this Charter or ordinance, the Council shall exercise all powers and authority concerning the granting, amending, revoking or otherwise dealing in franchises.”


If ballot measure 2D is passed, the city of Fountain would amend Section 12.6 (a) of the Home Rule Charter to restrict the city council’s power “relating to all utilities and franchises.” Measure 2D specifically address the controversial top of smart meters which have been installed throughout the city. Those opposed to the use of smart meters claim that technology used in them allows the city to monitor, control and record residents’ energy consumption and claim that it is a violation of privacy rights. If voters choose to amend Section 12.6 (a), the added text would not allow the installation or use of smart meter technology.”