5A – Donald Wescott Fire Protection District

Shall Donald Wescott Fire Protection District taxes be increased by $982,567 annually, or by such amount as may be raised by the imposition of a mill levy increase of 4 mills (for a total mill levy of 11 mills) upon taxable property within the district, commencing with the tax collection year 2014 and continuing each year thereafter as otherwise allowed by law, and by whatever amounts are received each year thereafter, with such revenues, together with any and all other revenues to be collected, retained and spent by the district, with such proceeds to be used for general operations, which may include, but are not limited to: funding the general fund of the district, defraying operating expenses of the district, and/or other lawful purposes; and shall the proceeds of such taxes and any investment income thereon be collected and spent by the district as a voter approved revenue change in 2014, and in each year thereafter without regard to any spending, revenue-raising, or other limitations contained Within Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution, or Section 29-1-301, Colorado Revised Statutes, and without limiting in any year the amount of other revenues that may be collected and spent by the district?


Voters in Donald Wescott Fire Protection District are being asked to raise their taxes so the fire district can use the additional funds to help paying the general operating funds of the district.