Candidate Information

Occupation: Director of Program Management

Age: 52

Education: I have degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Haven and Management from the University of Phoenix.

Endorsements: I'm proud to be endorsed by a cross section of our district community. These include the Falcon Republicans and the Falcon Teacher Education Association.

Experience: With over 25-years in business I can bring a unique set of skills to the Board of Education. I'm skilled in creating and implementing changes that drive immediate and continual results and will do the same for the district. Currently, I am the Director of Program Management and Business Unit Leader for Combat Training Solutions, a division of Cyalume Technologies. An engineer by training and international expert in project management and organizational leadership, I'm an experienced leader, and strategic thinker with the proven ability to focus on the comprehensive needs of the entire organization. I live in Falcon with my wife and three daughters who attend D49 Schools.Additionally I'm involved in the FMS SAC committee, D49 DAAC committee, Land Sharks coach, Watch Dogs volunteer, classroom volunteer and guest science teacher, El Paso County Sheriff's Office Wild Land Firefighter, Board member Middle Market Entrepreneurs.

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Chris Bombria

Race / District Information

District Falcon School District 49
Term / Board Seat 4 years
# of Available Seats 3

What major challenges face your school district and how would you solve them, aside from additional funding?

Over the past few years our children have gone through a number of changes due to over turning staff, changes in curriculum, and the overall instability of the school district. Add to that the pressures of our economy have put budget constraints on everyone. As a community of parents, teachers and business leaders we need to have a unified vision for our school district and fair reporting of our tax payer investment. _The education of our children comes first in every meaningful measure. The district needs to be able to address these facts and balance them within the financial constraints of the budget and mandated curriculums. By putting our students and their learning environments first we can find solutions to these challenges.

With budget constraints in place, what areas would you concentrate on?

Learning is more than books and lesson plans, it's a financial and personal investment by the parents, teachers and community in the futures of our children. We need to build a cooperative learning environment that enhances classroom instruction, where everyone has a voice in the education of our kids. We also need to be aware of the taxpayer investment from those who do not have children in the school system. We have a responsibility to plan, implement and report where those dollars are being spent. My goal is to engage the entire community and give the leaders of tomorrow the best opportunity to learn new skills, enhance their abilities and discover hidden talents._

This year, voters will decide whether to pass Amendment 66, which would raise $950 million in additional taxes for education. If the amendment passes, how should the money be allocated in your district?

This is a investment in the future of our students. As with any investment it's important to understand where the money is being spent. The current funding formula shows that D49 will receive much less per student than other districts, while limiting district 49's ability to raise funds through mill levy or bonds. A raising tide may raise all ships but it seems as if some will be floating higher than others. If passed we need to ensure that D49 is not limited in its ability to educate our students. As with any allocation of funds we need to ask ourselves how each dollar affects the education of our children.

Why don't most districts get beyond 70 percent student proficiency on state assessments?

There are a number of federal and state proficiency exams that each have their own normalized average. To me the number is not as important as the slow progress in improving the scores. The yearly and three year averages for our district have not been showing the increases expected by the programs in place. As a district we need to review the reasons behind this and develop a comprehensive plan to get ahead of the curve and show real improvement. Our school curriculums need to be aligned to the state and federal standards. The yearly review of data needs to include a look at what improvements worked and what needs to be improved, both at the school and district level. I believe with these changes we can see real improvement over the national and state averages.

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