Candidate Information

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate

Age: 53

Education: BS Landscape Architecture, Purdue University

Endorsements: Mark Waller, Colorado State RepresentativePikes Peak Association of RealtorsHome Builders Association

Experience: Served of Colorado Springs Planning Commission for two terms. Founding member, past President and current member of the Falcon Education Foundation. Recently appointed by the Falcon School Board to the Capital Planning Committee.

Contact Information






Kevin Butcher

Race / District Information

District Falcon School District 49
Term / Board Seat 4 years
# of Available Seats 3

What major challenges face your school district and how would you solve them, aside from additional funding?

Falcon School District 49 is poised and ready to become a great school district. Our innovative ways of delivering a quality education while providing true choice is a bold step. The core challenge preventing the District from greatness is the lack of community trust in the Board of Directors. I am running for the School board to help restore the trust and bring stability to the board of directors though effective governance.

With budget constraints in place, what areas would you concentrate on?

The primary purpose of a School District is to provide a high quality education to all students. The classroom is the primary place education happens. We need to first ensure that there is enough money flowing to the classroom. D49 is one of the lowest districts in the state in per student funding. However, it is one of the highest ranked in fiscal health. We need to give credit to our current administration for working hard to deliver a quality education while controlling costs.

This year, voters will decide whether to pass Amendment 66, which would raise $950 million in additional taxes for education. If the amendment passes, how should the money be allocated in your district?

Amendment 66 is complex and I do not believe it will have a positive impact on D49 or other El Paso County school districts. The wording seems to favor districts like the Denver Public Schools. My interpretation is it will cost D49 funding. The Constitution of the State of Colorado is supposed to be inflexible and is not an appropriate vehicle for raising taxes.

Why don't most districts get beyond 70 percent student proficiency on state assessments?

Unfortunately it is a lack of parental involvement in the student's education. Many parents to not recognize or stress the importance of education in their family culture. As a District, we need to continue to strive to effectively engage the community in the education system.

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