Candidate Information

Occupation: Pastor/Retired USPS

Age: 58

Education: High School Graduate/Military 3 years

Endorsements: HBA, Andres Pico City Councilman

Experience: USPS Supervisor for 22 years. Working with AFL-CIO-APWU, NALC and postal carriers,clerks and Postmasters

Contact Information






David Moore

Race / District Information

District Falcon School District 49
Term / Board Seat 4 years
# of Available Seats 3

What major challenges face your school district and how would you solve them, aside from additional funding?

Improving the education and job readiness of our children is my first priority. Second, I believe that the unequal funding of our schools in Falcon District 49 is one of our most pressing issues. We are the fourteenth largest district, and are 177th out of 178 total districts in receiving funding. Our school district is second to the last. Even now we are at or exceeding capacity in our district and there has been no adequate funding from the state to address it. Additional funding is not required, equal funding is a necessity. Every child has a right to a good education. In order to address this problem, I will seek the help of parents, teachers and other civic organizations to petition the state to address these concerns. I also believe that the education of students of color has to be brought to the table of consideration.

With budget constraints in place, what areas would you concentrate on?

Reducing the administrative cost that do not directly impact the education of our children. It seems administrative cost have go up and student proficiency has gone down.

This year, voters will decide whether to pass Amendment 66, which would raise $950 million in additional taxes for education. If the amendment passes, how should the money be allocated in your district?

I do not believe the this Amendment should pass because among other problems, it does not address the unequal funding that we have for the children of D49. Every child should have the same opportunity for success. Also this amendment does not address performance.

Why don't most districts get beyond 70 percent student proficiency on state assessments?

Most district do not have the education of our children as their top priority. They think that more funding is needed, rather than encouraging parents to become more involved in their child's education by giving them school choice.

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