Candidate Information

Occupation: Self employed

Age: 44

Education: Attended: Mesa State College, Pikes Peak Community College

Endorsements: Colorado Spring Housing and Building Association

Experience: 13 years dept. manager food mark corp. Dba cub foods. 10 years self employed/managing partner jay-gee properties

Contact Information






Steven Seibert

Race / District Information

District Harrison School District 2
Term / Board Seat 4 years
# of Available Seats 3

What major challenges face your school district and how would you solve them, aside from additional funding?

Hsd2's largest opportunities for improvement continue to be academic improvement and graduation rate. Through pay for performance and the retention of the high performing teachers ,we will continue to improve academically . Graduation rates however need to be looked at in a whole new light. If we look at community partnerships, corporate internships, and other vocational avenues we can recapture a large number of students who feel high school and college will simply not benefit them.

With budget constraints in place, what areas would you concentrate on?

Student contact is the number one most vital element to education . All other areas must take the largest budgetary impact first, prior to any program or staff being affected.

This year, voters will decide whether to pass Amendment 66, which would raise $950 million in additional taxes for education. If the amendment passes, how should the money be allocated in your district?

I am truly a proponent of head start and funding schools. I am even in favor of tax increases to fund well defined school programs. I do not believe however amendment 66 is one of these well defined and strictly accountable measures.

Why don't most districts get beyond 70 percent student proficiency on state assessments?

Books could be written on this subject and not conclusively answer the matter at hand. If I may oversimplify my position on state standards and testing, I would have to refer to the bell curve data collection . We simply expect a small number to fail , a small number to be high functioning , and the rest to fall some where in the middle . 70% is exactly that average students, average by measure of the largest part of their piers. An "A" student is suddenly a failure in a class of geniuses!

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